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How to get in touch with me to report problems, make suggestions or comments, and ask questions.


The address I use for SETILog for Unix is You can always send email to that address for anything related to the project. This includes questions, comments, bug reports, and feature requests.

Being the the rabid spam-hater that I am, I have installed some rather harsh spam filters on my email system. If your email gets bounced, don't panic. Just send an email to with the bounced message and get yourself delisted.

If you email me questions or bug reports, I will add them to the project page so that other people will be able to search for know problems or FAQ's. I will remove your name and email address before I post the report though. If you want your name or email left on the report, please make a note of the in the email.


The project page for SETIlog for Unix is From this page, you can search for known problems in the bugs section or look for previously asked questions in the support section.

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