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(these programs are all related in some way to SETILog for Unix and you may find them useful or interesting).

SETILog (for Windows)

This is the original Windows version of SETILog that the Unix port is based on. It was written by and is maintained by Mark Loukko. Check out for more details.


This program written by Mark Loukko is intended to display to status of the command line SETI@home client and to display accumulated results of your SETI@home history. The log files generated by SETILog for Unix are in the format that SETIWatch expects it can be used to display the work history of you Unix SETI@home clients as well.

You can obtain a copy from Mark's page at:

I use this program myself and highly recommend it.


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All these SETI@home add ons would not be very interesting if there was not SETI@home. The main page is at

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